Lady May

Anonimo Toscano del XXI secolo
Lingue: Inglese, Francese

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To the tune of a famous Elizabethan song from 1966
the authors of which are supposed to be Sir Michael Jagger and Sir Keith Richards, kindly assisted by Sir Brian Jones with his properly attuned dulcimer.

The Original. Ed Sullivan Show, 1966.
My sweet lady May,
When I see you again
Disgusted am I
And I vote for Remain.
Let's put this witch, my love
On bended knees, my love
And then let's kick her far away.

My dear lady Trump,
Of shit you are a lump,
So please take your leave
For pissed off I am.
Your time has come, my love,
To go back home, my love,
Go to Slovenia, have a good stay.

Oh, madame Macron,
Nous sommes des cons,
Keep voting, what for?
For your hubbies dear?
Faire la révolution,
C'est dur, mais essayons,
If you don't like best Lady May.

9/6/2017 - 20:34

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