Long Time Gone

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
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Bello vedere CSNY con Tom Jones che canta bel 1969 e trovare continuità tanti, ma davvero tanti anni dopo in Crosby e Nash che cantano insieme ai manifestanti di Occupy Wall Street

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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
by Erik Pedersen

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - A giant peace symbol often served as a backdrop Sunday night, but it didn't always look peaceful. When Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young began a run of the first four songs from Neil Young's bitter new "Living With War" album, the symbol reappeared on the rear curtain -- now battered and crooked, like it had been through the fight of its life.

For this seen-it-all quartet, 2006 really must seem like deja vu.

Stumping on the Freedom of Speech tour, their first in four years, the political action committee of David Crosby, Graham Nash, Stephen Stills and Young rekindled the spirit of the '60s with barely one whit of nostalgia. That's because their sprawling 34-song set at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Orange County was about looking back in anger, while focusing on the new world disorder and America's recoiling place in it. Ranging from Buffalo Springfield's anti-establishment 1967 anthem "For What It's Worth" to eight songs from Young's simplistically seething new record, this multicareer-spanning show was as strikingly impressive as anything southern California rock fans will see all year.

And it wasn't just the carefully chosen set list that made this show so memorable -- it also was the playing and singing. CSNY alternately rocked hard and sang gently, including several a cappella moments. Stills fairly matched Young in guitar ferocity, with the two often facing each other during trade-off solos. And while Stills is fourth on the CSNY vocal depth chart, his gravelly delivery still makes an impact.

But aside from being a thoroughly entertaining example of a glorious rock concert, this three-hour-plus caucus was about a message. "You gotta speak out against the madness," Nash yelled during "Long Time Gone." "Don't need no more lies!" Young spat on his new song "The Restless Consumer." "I'm not giving in an inch to fear," Crosby sang sternly in "Almost Cut My Hair." "I can't tell you any more 'bout this wounded world," Stills lamented.

After beginning the second set with a mellow five-song sidebar that highlighted harmonies, it was back to the front lines. In Stills' "Treetop Flyer," a Vietnam pilot reacclimates into society by using his government-taught skills to become a smuggler. "There's a lot of ways to come home from a war," Young said afterward, introducing his new "Roger and Out." That song's narrator says of his late buddy, "I feel you in the air today."

"Lighten up, guys," some clod yelled between songs about midway through. But that wasn't the point. From deeply affecting -- faces of Iraq war dead were shown during "Find the Cost of Freedom," along with a body counter that raced from zero to 2,576 -- to musically stirring, this was a flashback to the noble if quaint notion that music can change the world. Even the most devout critic of "aging rocker syndrome" would have to admit the strength of this performance.

The most obvious and lasting lesson amid the overt politicking? "Teach your children well."
It's been a long time comin', Goin' to be a long time gone
And it appears to be a long - Appears to be a long
Such a long, long time before the dawn, yeah

Turn, turn any corner, Turn and hear
what your friends and your neighbors might have to say, yeah
Something, something, something's goin' on around here
Surely, surely, surely will not stand the light of day
And it appears to be a long - Appears to be a long
Such a long, long time before the dawn, yeah

Speak out, speak out against the madness, yes, yeah, yeah
All I'm sayin' is speak your mind that is if you still can and you still have the guts to
Don't, no don't, no, try to get yourself elected, no, no
And if you do forsake this child you'd better cut your hair
And it appears to be a long - Appears to be a long
Such a long, long time before the dawn, yeah

It's been a long time comin', It'll be a long time gone
But you know, The darkest hour, yeah
It is always, just before your dawn, yes it is
And it appears to be a long - Appears to be a long
Such a long, long time before the dawn, yeah

inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 12/3/2007 - 23:53

Lingua: Italiano

Versione italiana di Enrico

C'è voluto tanto tempo
L’attesa sta per finire (sta per diventare tanto tempo andato).
E sembra una lunga, sembra una lunga, sembra una lunga attesa, sì, lunga, lunga, lunga, lunga attesa prima dell'alba.

Voltate, voltate qualsiasi angolo.
Ascoltate, dovete ascoltare ciò che dice la gente.
Sapete che c'è qualcosa che sta succedendo qui attorno,
Qualcosa che di certo, di certo, di certo non resisterà alla luce del giorno.
E sembra una lunga, sembra una lunga, sembra una lunga
Attesa, sì, lunga, lunga, lunga, lunga attesa prima dell'alba.

Parlate chiaro, dovete prendere posizione contro la follia,
Dovete dire quello che pensate,
Se ne avete il coraggio.
Ma non, no, non, non cercate di farvi eleggere
Se intendete farlo è meglio che vi tagliate i capelli.
Perché sembra una lunga, sembra una lunga, sembra una lunga attesa, una così lunga, lunga, lunga, lunga attesa prima dell'alba.

C'è voluto tanto tempo
L’attesa sta per finire.
Ma sapete,
L'ora più buia è sempre, sempre quella subito prima dell'alba.
E sembra una lunga, sembra una lunga, sembra una lunga attesa, sì, lunga, lunga, lunga, lunga attesa prima dell'alba

inviata da Enrico - 23/2/2012 - 09:35

Lingua: Ebraico

Versione ebraica da questa pagina
Hebrew version from this page
זמן רב עבר

נראה שזמן ארוך הולך לעבור, זמן ארוך הולך להגיע
ונראה שזה יהיה ארוך
כל כך ארוך לפני שיפציע השחר

סובבו בכל פינה, סובבו והקשיבו למה שחבריכם ושכניכם
אומרים לכם, כן...
משהו עומד להתרחש כאן בסביבה
בטוח שזה לא יוכל להסתתר מאור היום
אבל נראה שזה ייקח זמן...

דברו, זעקו נגד הטירוף
כל מה שאני אומר זה, שתתנו לרגש שלכם לצאת החוצה, אם עוד נשאר
בכם מעט אומץ
אל תנסו להיות פוליטיקאים (להעמיד עצמכם לבחירות)
ואם אתם ממש מוכרחים, עדיף שתסתפרו
אבל נראה שזה ייקח זמן...

נראה שזמן רב יעבור
אבל אתם יודעים, השעה החשוכה ביותר
היא השעה לפני עלות השחר

inviata da Riccardo Venturi / ריקרדו ונטורי - 13/3/2007 - 01:04

Segnalo che la versione inglese non è precisamente l'originale, ma una bellissima versione eseguita dal vivo. Spessissimo Crosby modifica lievemente i sui testi, preso dall'emozione del contesto in cui si trova o più "scientificamente" per riaggiornarli. La traduzione che ho inviato rispecchia il testo originale, lo specifico per chi la confrontasse col testo inglese riportato sopra.

Enrico - 24/2/2012 - 08:46

La "foto antichizzata" è quella usata per la copertina di Déjà Vu. Il batterista è Dallas Taylor (morto a Gennaio 2015), e non Johnny Barbata!

Luca - 26/4/2015 - 00:07

Lingua: Italiano (Lombardo)

Versione lombarda del gruppo I Saltamartin

Album : 1969-2019 - Woodstock Lombard


Temp n’è passaa
Temp n’è passaa debon
Sicur temp n’è passaa debon sì

Ghe vorarà ancamò tant temp Debon sicur gran temp
De cert on mar de temp Tant temp,
passarà on gran mucc de temp
Innanz del prim ciar

Nii, nii in tutt i loeugh in gir
Scoltii quell che i amis gh’avarann de dì
Perchè quaicoss, quaicoss adess el succed propi chì
Sicur sì, debon sì innanz de la lus del dì

Parlii, contra questa incoscienza, oh sì
Disii i voster penser se mai el coragg gh’avii Maminga,minga,minga pensì mai de fass votà
Se quest el fii quej longh cavej l’è mej fass tajà

Temp n’è passaa debon. Ne passarà sicur

Ma t’el seet l’ora pussee negra l’è
L’è semper quella innanz del prim ciar, oh sì

inviata da adriana - 18/8/2019 - 12:58

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