Home From the War

Lugh Damen
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Cry for My Country
I was no more than a boy in 1963
The world was singing 'Peace and Love' I had my whole life ahead of me
Then one fine day a letter came said boy you've won the lottery
A tropical vacation somewhere far across the sea
Where you'll fight and kill and die for something called democracy

We left as young men bright of eye and sailed to Vietnam
Holding hope within our hearts and rifles in our hands
They said we're bound for glory then they shipped us off to hell
And we saw things that now would surely break our hearts to tell
And the hopes that burned inside us paled and died inside the shell

They threw us into danger but some of us came through
To find that we were strangers even we no longer knew
Then just like that it's over and they pulled us from the fight
Peace at last but damned if I will sleep in peace tonight
And all I saw will haunt me ever more without respite

When at last I came home with what remained of my brigade
No fan-fare awaited us no ticket-tape parade
And all those singing ’Peace and Love' ten long years before
Had little left for us when we returned home from the war
And everything we fought for now belongs to us no more

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