Some People

Chuck Berry
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole e musica di Chuck Berry
La traccia che chiude l'album intitolato “Back Home”, quello che segnava il ritorno alla Chess Records dopo anni alla Mercury
Purtroppo non mi è riuscito di trovarne una versione su YouTube...

Back Home
Chuck Berry
Some people live each week in fun and play
From sweat by you and by me
While we must toil so long each day
Just to stay alive and free

Some people live in homes, so content and reposed
Unrushed through all the woe
While we share that woe
With those who have no woe at all

Some people live with much and care the least
If war should end or stay
While we, with less, pay more for peace
Uum, why should it be this way?

Oh, the day's sure to come
When we would have to live
In love and peace and happiness
And we will have the will to love
And to give to those who do have less

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