All We Need Is Peace and Love

Lady Hagua
Lingua: Inglese

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(Lady Hagua)
Adios Berta Cáceres Flores
(Lady Hagua)
Mandela Thanks
(Lady Hagua)

People are Confusion
They don´t like evolution
People are confusion
They don’t find love

So many destruction
Weather is coming too hot
The Artic need the solution
Too many machines are on

People don´t find conclusion
Every one need a job
Everyone needs love
To have a good life, of course! --------------
All we need is peace and love
In this world full of war
In this world full of bombes
Please stop and do meditation

The planet need more support
The trees need grow more and more
The eagle fly with not stop
Looking for freedom and luscious
Oh …………………………………… ----------------
People want live free
Near the forest and the sea
Where they can plant and eat
In a magical place like paradise

When the magnet of the earth finish
Then we will be like butterflys
Flying in the wind and then
We will be like angel in the sky

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