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Album: Remember Two Things (1993)
Remember Two Things

Written about the persian gulf war (1990-1991), specifically how minarets were used to broadcast air raid sirens in baghdad, while americans sat safely in their living rooms watching the missile attacks on CNN like it was a fireworks show. The song reminds it wasn't a show, it was people dying.
Santa Maria choose your children
Santa Maria virgin child
All our wars over you we are fighting
And all our time faith justifying

Brother caged Babylon will fall
Sister chained and bound, beaten and bleeding
The TV's on, to me this explains it
Wearing a tie like daddy speaks it
Screaming from the minarets

Later on we'll all be dancing
Screaming from the minarets
Yes indeed I'm making faces
Rain on the ground in a space
God has grown
Alone till a man looking glass in his hand
He is holding up to you

What you see
What you see
What you see
What you see is human
Screaming from the minarets

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