Don't Die a Martyr for Me

Lingua: Inglese


EP Change The World
Change The World

Da una rock band ungherese una canzone su una ragazza pacifista che convince un soldato (o un terrorista kamikaze?) a disertare.

Don't Die A Martyr For Me is a song by Dawnstar and it was released on 30 November 2007 on Change The World EP. The song was written by Attila Wind in 2006 and it was first recorded for the demo, A Metrosexual's Confessions in 2006. The lyrics tells the love story between a pacifist girl and warrior. Wind intended to call the attention for the aimlessness of deaths due to political reasons.
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I met a young girl she’s only nineteen
Liberal-minded pacifist and green
I want to get her showing my courage
But she keeps saying don’t go to the siege

Don’t die a martyr for me

I wanted to be a suicide bomber
But she changed my mind I fell in love with her
She would turn me down if I joined the corps
And she keeps saying let’s make peace not war

Don’t die for me
Don’t fight for me

I laid the guns down follow me my friend
And don’t wait until the war comes to an end
Now the sky’s covered with flying peacebirds
And I will always remember her words

22/1/2017 - 22:23

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