Soldiers - War - Another War

Harry Partch
Lingua: Inglese

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In memoria
(Giuseppe Ungaretti)
(Giuseppe Ungaretti)
Per i morti della Resistenza
(Giuseppe Ungaretti)

Da tre poesie di Giuseppe Ungaretti
tradotte in inglese William Fense Weaver

Two poems by Ungaretti (Soldiers - War - Another War and Vanity) were made into song by American composer Harry Partch (Intrusions, 1949-50). The poems were translated into English by William Fense Weaver.

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We remain like leaves on the trees in autumn

Far away like a blind man they have led me by the hand

Another War
In this darkness with my frozen hands
I can make out my face
feel myself abandoned

10/2/2007 - 10:21

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