Raised Voices
Lingua: Inglese

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The Bhopal Disaster
(Raised Voices)
Blowin' in the Wind
(Bob Dylan)
La madre
(Ambrogio Sparagna)

Words C. Cockburn,
Music M. Carmichael
Repression knows no borders
And terror travels free
And rape can leap all barriers
And torture cross-the sea
They meet no bound'ries anywhere
Unlike the refugee

Warfare needs no license
The missiles fly at will
And sanctions get a sanction
For the thousands that they kill
And the law upholds the warlord
But condemns the refugee.

Exploitation's universal
Multinationals global too
The big investors span the world
While famine and flood pursue
From continent to continent
The weary refugee

They worked at every job and every trade
When they were forced to flee
They had every kind of style of life
And human quality
And a country might be grateful
For the wealth it gains for free

In the wisdom and experience
The courage and endurance
Of the person with the label

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