The Bhopal Disaster

Raised Voices
Lingua: Inglese

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Words: Mavis Cook (Raised Voices)

Il disastro di Bhopal è avvenuto il 3 dicembre 1984 nella città indiana di Bhopal a causa della fuoriuscita di 40 tonnellate di isocianato di metile (MIC), dallo stabilimento della Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL), consociata della multinazionale statunitense Union Carbide specializzata nella produzione di fitofarmaci.

La nube formatasi in seguito al rilascio di isocianato di metile, iniziato poco dopo la mezzanotte del 3 dicembre 1984, uccise in poco tempo 2.259 persone e avvelenò decine di migliaia di altre. Il governo del Madhya Pradesh ha confermato un totale di 3.787 morti direttamente correlate all'evento, ma stime di agenzie governative arrivano a 15.000 vittime.
All round the world, many people are dying
All for the sake of the world's richest few
They do all that they are told, with instructions complying
But pay with their lives for all that they do.

In Bhopal, in India, the Union Carbide
Paid with toxicity for each dollar gained
They poisoned the water, and the land, for the people
Their name as producers will forever be stained.

In nineteen eighty four, day to remember
Neglectful of safety in pursuit of mere gain
On that fateful morning of the second December
They caused a disaster when thousands were slain.

A leakage of water caused a gas cloud of poison
Thousands were killed in a matter of days
In Bhopal a gas cloud hung over the city
The people were choked in a death-dealing haze.

The factory was closed, but its toxic pollution
Without clean-up treatment remains on the ground
And these evil polluters offer nought of solution
Taking their wealth, leaving death all around

Today, in the aftermath, no-one is trying
To clean up the mess left by Union Carbide
With parents and children in Bhopal still dying
It's time that these villains were captured and tried.

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