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Ewan MacColl
Lingua: Inglese

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At the present moment

Broadside #97 aprile-maggio 1969
Where have you been all the whole day long,
Son,come tell it unto me:
I've been to the school learning how we are ruled,
A lesson in democracy , mother dear;
A lesson in democracy.

Bow came the blood on your right shoulder, dear?
Son, come tel1 it unto me:
I was bashed on the head by a cop, and it bled,
He was teaching social history, mother dear,
He was teaching social history.

Why do the tears come streaming from your eyes?
Son, come tell it unto me:
As we tried to pass, the cops released their gas
Instructing us in chemistry, mother dear,
Instructing us in chemistry.

Why do you crouch like a bent old man? Son, come tell it unto me:
The cops got me down and they booted me around
A lesson in anatoiny, mother dear,
A lesson in anatomy.

Where did you leave your little brother John?
Son, come tell it unto me:
They've got him in a cell and they're teaching him well,
The meaning of authority, mother'dear,
The meaning of authority.

What will you do with the knowledge that you've gained?
Son, come tell it unto me:
It will rise above the sound of their world crashing down,
I'll use it to make men free, mother dear,

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