Shock Treatment

Tom Parrott
Lingua: Inglese

Broadside #97, aprile-maggio 1969

Screenshot 20161109-144605
Twelve hundred people or more every year -In hospitals & clinics will die in their beds
Cardiac failure the death papers tell us
Electrical shock is the reason they're dead

Just a small jolt from same faulty equipment
Can stop your heart dead in the best of your times.
Electricians and doctors share blame in this murder
With insurance comp'nies who donlt mention their crimes.

Some nurses aren't trained and some are just tired,
Some equipment is old and in need of repairs;
But some forty percent of all brand new equipment
Arrives with mistakes that can make tha death chairs.

Designers and makers cut corners and caution,
Shop stewards and laborers close up their eyes,
And doctors don't know, they are not electricians...
And the patients who trust them are the ones who will

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