McGeorgie McPorgie

Mortimer Frankel
Lingua: Inglese

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Pubblicato su Broadside #62

shelter area
McGeorgie McPorgie McPuddin' McPie
Kissed the good book and said "I'd never lie!"
Said "Monday is friday and purple is brown,
And right side up is like upside down!"

McGeorgie McPorgie McPuddin' McPie
Said, "Ain't it sad all those folks got to die"
Said "We'll protect those poor kids and their
Said "We'll protect those poor kids and their Moms,
Cover 'em up with our napalm bombs."

McGeorgie McPorgie McPuddin' McPie
Thinks the best rule is an eye for an eye.
McLyndon, McDean, O McBob MacNammary
Are you bent on Victory or Hari-Kari.

McGeorgie MePorgie McPuddin' and Pie
The world's gone crazy--can you tell us why?
Should a student, a scholar devote all his breath
To preachint for war and rootin' for death?

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