There's Rain in the Forest

Alex Comfort
Lingua: Inglese

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da Broadside #60 luglio 1965

Parole del Dr. Alex Comfort
Musica: The Cruel Wars (High Germany)

There's rain in the forest there's planes in the sky
They've blocked up your windows
and turned up the lies
And people go down
before gun-butt and flame
For we're fighting for freedom
in the fields of Viet Nam

There's can't in the Congress and pie in the sky
There's a cool rain of Liberty
on the children that die
And one day the jackel will bed with the lamb
But it's our flames are falling
on the fields of Viet Nam.

Our badge is an eagle; our talk is a dove
But our bird is the vulture that's circling above-
Its voice is a lie, its food it is Man,
And it's your grave they're digging
in the fields of Viet Name

Then don't wait for clearance and don't look away
The letter's for you and its date is today
And if you won't answer, lie down with your shame-
For you can't wake the dead
from the fields of Viet Nam.

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