Pebble Mine

David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

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"There are so many reasons to oppose a gargantuan new mining project, I don’t know where to start."

They’ve been trying now for thirty years or more
To build the world’s biggest copper mine by the southwest Alaskan shore
To build the world’s biggest copper mine in the world’s last great wildlands
To store a billion gallons of poison, turn it into wastelands

A billion gallons of poison in massive reservoirs
And to keep it all there forevermore
The toxic sludge will never leak, they’re saying it again
Oh to hear such stupid words from the mouths of stupid men

We know what’s gonna happen if the corporation gets its way
And they build the world’s biggest copper mine on Bristol Bay

The world’s biggest copper mine or the world’s biggest run of fish
You cannot have both no matter how hard you might wish
No matter how hard you might pray or how careful you might be
Massive sludge pits on a fault line will soon find its way into the sea

The Pebble Company, it sounds almost benign
But there’s not a shred of innocence about the Pebble Mine
Because among the pebbles and the ore are the tanks of cyanide
The toxic sludge pits a mile deep and miles wide

If we cannot stop them, if we don’t manage to say no
We can say goodbye to the salmon and the salmon roe
Goodbye to the mountains when they flatten them for ore
Goodbye to all the things we once loved Alaska for

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