The Big Man

Mauro Pagani
Lingua: Inglese

Here i am
the man of the future
the man of the past
the glorious past where we should go back to
to the glorious times when this country
was the biggest
the strongest country in the world

hey i’m the big man
hey i’m your big man

we gotta be tough
we gotta be strong
no fear no pity no mercy
for our enemies
stay with me
we’ll win
‘cause in the end
everybody loves me

It seemed like nothing but money
a simple story of money
seemed just money
but it was not

fly with the big man
fly with the big man
to the end of the world

so the big brave boy
pressed the shimmering red button
and an astonished blue sky
crashed down

oh what a sparkling afternoon
of flaming winds and flying cadillacs
when christians, muslims, buddhists and jews
faded all together
finally brothers
in a swirlin’ hole
finally brothers
but slightly too late

when our eyes, our brain’s dust
filled the sunset windows
and bye bye
when our eyes, our heart’s dust
filled the kremlin manholes
and bye bye

dance with the big man
dance with the big man
‘til the end of the world

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