Olive Trees

Iron Sheik
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics and Music by Iron Sheik
Testo e musica di Iron Sheik
Album: "Camel Clutch 2003"


New Pro-Palestinian Rap Music
"Music is an integral part of culture and it is often used to express ourselves, either by creating it or listening to it. In the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict there has been little in the way of music that describes the history of the Palestinian plight, until now. One of the most brilliant new artist/activist to take his message to the microphone is the Iron Sheik.

His bold and insightful rap-style challenges traditional views on Palestinians. The following song entitled, "Olive Trees" describes the uprooting of the Palestinians from their land, much in the same way Israeli settlers are uprooting olive trees today. Ironically, olive trees are traditional symbols of peace, i.e. the olive branch."
Trouble began before 1948
When Zionists founded the Israeli state
Zionism called for a Jewish homeland
But they picked Palestine as a land with no man
One major flaw with all of this:
They forgot the indigenous populace!
Native Arab Muslims and Christians
Didn’t they notice that something is missing?
They left native Arabs all out of their view
Zionism’s goals were heavily skewed
Newcomers settled up in the country-side
In separation just like Apartheid
Jewish roads, schools, and hospitals
But also paramilitary patrols

These are the seeds of 48’
From colonial control to the Jewish state
It’s not a mistake, though
It’s not a mistake, no
Life in exile, is that our fate?
Life in exile, that’s our fate?
Life in exile, that’s our fate?


They exiled us and stole our homes
Now all we have are old keys and new poems
They turned us into refugees
And uprooted us like our olive trees
…olive trees.


In 1917 the British gave away our nation
With Lord Balfour’s stupid declaration
They had no right to give it away
But guess what?
They did it anyway!
And once again the natives had no say
You know the British acted like they ruled the earth
And the Israelis think they got it by birth
Yeah right man!
Who lived on the land?
And who had to use force with their hand?
I’m surprised by this, they should know better
Then to move on our land as a settler
I mean that word says it all
Some say it’s not their choice, that it’s God’s call
But to me that’s called manifest destiny
I thought that went out of style in the last century
Now we’re held captive to their public opinion
As a Palestinian I feel more like an Indian
Driven into reservations
Living under occupation
As a shattered nation
A western creation


Last time, I went jogging in the park
But now we can’t go outside
Cuz we’ll get shot
Or as Benjamin Netanyahu might like to put it:
we jumped in front of that Israeli bullet.
But who can believe what that sucka say
He gotta be the biggest yoohoo alive today
So I searched yahoo for who’s the most sinister
It came back with Israel’s current prime minister
Ariel Sharon, a real cabron
I’d like to meet him in a dark alley and it’s on
He’d be the Penguin and I’d be Batman
My flurry of fists would sink that fat man
Like the Titanic
it’s time to panic
I can’t stand it
cuz’ we’re heading for the bottom of the Atlantic
Israel and America’s a sinking ship, if we don’t change it soon we’re going down with it.

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