When Can I Marry

Tony Smith
Lingua: Inglese

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When can I marry?

When can I marry
Whom may I wed
Are these the thoughts
You count in your head?
You must be an expert
On love and such things
To want to control
What my future brings

When you first chose
Your one true mate
Did you ask strangers
For their okay?
Is this is your demand
Before we can start
To wed and expand
The love in our hearts?

Or did you choose freely
And love whom you willed
Follow your dream
Your love fulfilled?
I hope you are happy
And the world has gone well
Your marriage story
You really should tell
Maybe we’ll copy
Be strong and content
But should not rely on
Your grudging consent

Don’t try to stop us
From loving like you
Or veto the wedding
We want to go through
Leave us alone
And don’t volunteer
Some spurious notion
You can interfere

Final chorus:
Do not control
What my future brings

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