Stay in the Light

Roger Lucey
Lingua: Inglese

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Testo fornitoci direttamente da Roger Lucey (si veda You Only Need Say Nothing)
I was born on the east coast
Where the sun burned like war
Where the Zulu fought the British
And they both fought the Boer
Then they all fought the Germans
And then each other some more
In a land filled with war stories
From shore to bloody shore

And we all point our fingers
And our guns and our spears
And we all blame each other
And never our own fears
And we all sit in judgement
About what's wrong and what's right
We can hide in the darkness
Or we can stay in the light

My daddy and my granddad
Bore the scars and the pain
That would fall on the family
Like lightning and rain
Every god-damned generation
Since this country began
Have been brought up in battle
Between country and clan

And we point out every god-damned wart
And every god-damned gripe
Just waiting for another chance
To take another swipe
But we're still in this together
So we can talk or we can fight
We can hide in the darkness
Or we can stay in the light

To every god-damned fighting man
That has brought us to our knees
Time has come to see the light
Get rid if this disease
The pestilence of patriarchs
And the tyranny that they wield
Where culture vindicates their sins
And keeps them well concealed

And they all march together
In the madness of the mob
And common sense degenerates
As they lie and cheat and rob
We can turn away like good men
Out of mind and out of sight
We can hide in the darkness
Or stay in the light

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