Say No!

Dick Vander Harst
Lingua: Inglese

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Say No! is a song but also an international project that wants to be a hymne to the deserters, to those who dare to Say No! to warfare and thus take the first step towards peace.

The international project applies to groups, choirs and solists from all over the world to participate:
sing the song,
send us the registration of your version (feel free to adept)
send us also images, film or pictures that document your contribution, an interview with a peacemaker, a documentary of a flash mop, foto's of monuments to war and to peace ...

your material will be a brick used to build the international monument to the deserter. This monument by Jan Vromman will be shown in a live performance in Brussels. On the website we want to create a 'wall' of deserters, with your contributions

more info on

This project is part of WaanVlucht FleetheFrenzy a project that commemorates 'the Great War'. Once they will give a war and nobody will come.
participation is free of course. rights are taken in charge by us as long as you contribute to our project. Any other performances are for own charge.
Your contributions are part of the larger whole and will be seen as one piece of work
See the world turning round
Hear the harsh and morbid sound
Of flaming rows and war
We’re trouble to the emperor
Look at the skies
Where no god hides
Who rewards for making war
Just like some other emperor
Look at those eyes
Where no soul lies
Eager to win a decent life
On the edge of a coward’s knife
I hear the murmur of guns
I hear the moaning of shellfire
I see the blood that runs
And the lot authorities require
I see it all and I say No!
My terror is high, my fear is low
I won’t collaborate
With this game of hate
Game of faith
Of unfair trade
Game of fate

inviata da Ruth Flikschuh, Brussels Brecht-Eislerkoor - 25/2/2016 - 15:00

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