American War

Simone White
Lingua: Inglese

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Simone White

Simone White รจ una giovane cantautrice americana, ha pubblicato questa canzone in una compilation della Kill Rock Stars

"Simone White's indie-folk quasi-protest song, "American War," is witty, provocative, and effective without being angry or disillusioned." --Billboard--
Do you remember the American War
It wasn't that long ago it was fought on every shore
Are you trying to tell me that you didn't know?
I saw you reading the paper at the corner store
(Yes, I know, that's a joke)

Did you ever think you lived inside the belly of the beast?
Are you giving it something nice to eat
Or are you waiting for your very own special treat?
We like to live on easy street

Do you remember all the people we bombed
All the homes that were there that are now gone
Well whoever told you that life was fair
People have to die
Over there

Did you ever think this was the greatest country in the world?
With freedom and democracy and SUV's called Liberty
for every boy and girl?
The oyster chokes on it's own pearl

We know you can't help where you're born
It's not that you're foreign
It's what you stand for
We know it's hard to strat reform
The revolution's born
But no one claims it
(Winning Ticket)

Do you remember the American War
We thought it was fun but it was a bore
Do you remember the American War
We forgot what we were fighting for
We forgot what we were fighting for

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