Sallys Flat

Tony Smith
Lingua: Inglese

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Sallys Flat
© Tony Smith 2016

Sallys Flat

Sallys Flat

A SMALL town 260km west of Sydney could become the dumping ground for two Olympic-size swimming pools of nuclear waste under a Federal Government proposal.

Sally’s Flat in central west NSW is one of six towns short-listed to house a national radioactive waste management facility.

The town is just 15km from the historic gold mining village of Hill End, a popular tourist site near Bathurst that draws thousands of visitors every year, including school groups.
At Sallys Flat the people are rising
Against radiation for centuries
At Sallys Flat the people are rising
Pinning their hopes on democracy

The nuclear companies are so greedy
They thrive on lies and secrecy
They’ll succeed if they divide us
Then they’ll rule in anonymity
Taking their waste supports the cycle
Of this deadly toxic blight
So few bucks for our uranium
That returns our bums to bite

At Sallys Flat

They claim it is for peaceful uses
For power and for medicine too
But they divert what they have over
To plutonium that deadly brew
Another Hiro-shima can happen
While this arms race goes on
It starves the world of truth and food
And surely this is just plain wrong

At Sallys Flat

At Harrisburg and Fukushima
There were tales of infamy
At Chernobyl the earth was melting
But the risks were plain for all to see
The spirits of the Wiradjuri
Know what we Gubbas can’t see
At Hill End as at Maralinga
This spectre can ruin our dreams

At Sallys Flat the people are rising

They claim it is a safe neighbour
But not in Vau-cluse no fear
Or near plutocrat Toorak mansions
So their hypocri-sy is clear
The nuclear barons have deep pockets
Some politicians there they keep
When you hear the false assurance
How can you their lies believe?

At Sallys Flat the people are rising
Against radiation for centuries
At Sallys Flat the people are rising
Putting their faith in democracy

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