Ever Since the World Began

The Yardbirds
Lingua: Inglese

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Scritta da Chris Dreja, Jim McCarty, Jeff Beck, Keith Relf e Paul Samwell-Smith
La traccia che chiude l’album “Yardbirds”, altrimenti noto come “Roger The Engineer” (dalla copertina, un disegno del batterista Jim McCarty che ritrae l’ingegnere del suono Roger Cameron)

Roger The Engineer

“Throughout the years there have been wars / Power and richness have been the cause.”

Chiaro e semplice.
Ever since the world began,
Satan's followed every man.
Trapping evil if he can,
I tell you now his greatest plan.
Invented when I cannot tell,
Defied the thoughts of man so well.
Man wants money for his need,
But soon it sows its evil seed.
Unhappiness it only brings,
As man wants more and better things.
If not enough the evil lies,
But soon you'll find somebody dies.
Throughout the years there have been wars,
Power and richness have been the cause.
Trapped in money's evil net,
Man wants more than he can get.

You don't need money.
No, no, no, no,
You don't need money.
No, no, no, no,
You don't need money…

It'll never bring you love,
No more than the sun above.
You'll never see the end,
The money you will surely spend.
But ask for help if you sin,
Reclaim yourself, what a state you're in.
The devil has you in his grasp,
There ain't no mercy you can ask.
More and more you will need,
You're strangled in the clutch of greed.
You can't get out, no place to go,
You sold your soul - the answer's no!

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