Katy Carr
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(Katy Carr)
Czerwone maki na Monte Cassino
(Feliks Konarski)


L'intero album Paszport è un concept album sulla seconda guerra mondiale

The album ‘Paszport’ explores themes of Polish WW2 experience and pays homage to the Polish soldiers and pilots who fought so hard for Poland’s independence only to have their country taken over by the Soviet Union at the end of World War Two – resulting in the mass displacement of Polish refugees across the world. In the song ‘Wojtek’ we catch a glimpse of the mascot of 22nd Artillery Supply Company of the Polish II Corps during WW2: Wojtek was a Syrian brown bear who was made an honorary ‘private’ by the Polish Army, due to their affection for him; later he helped soldiers lift ammunition boxes at The Battle of Monte Cassino, 1944.

Wojtek, have you come to save my day?

The road is long and the river is so deep With Wojtek my love remains…
Help me find my way back to Poland I’m thousands of miles from home

Wypijemy jednego, drugiego, trzeciego za zdrowie naszego niedźwiedzia Pijącego,
palącego i walczącego żołnierza naszego niedźwiedzia Wojtka

Wojtek, have you come to save my day?

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Lingua: Inglese

English translation of the polish verses
Let’s drink one, two, three, to the good health of Wojtek,
Our drinking, smoking, fighting Wojtek the soldier bear

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