Red Red Rose

Katy Carr
Lingua: Inglese

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‘Red Red Rose’ is a song inspired by the mass transport of 1.8 million Poles to Siberia throughout World War Two : it centres on the theme of a ‘black black train taking my baby away…’ Note the red star on the train in the artwork.
I dreamt of your red red rose
when I knew I couldn’t find my way back home

Home past those German soldiers
Home past those Russian soldiers
Hiding under the velvet curtain
Hiding under the iron curtain

The tension is so high and I cannot see the sky
They’ll never catch me alive
I’ve got my bottle of cyanide

Home, where I sing my song

I saw a black black train take my baby away so I sing for my love,
and I sing for my heart
and I sing for my country
and I sing for my heart…

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