I’m an Indian, I’m an Alien

Peter La Farge
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole e musica di Peter LaFarge (1931-1965)
Nel disco intitolato “On The Warpath”

On The Warpath
I’m an Indian, I’m an alien
I'm a stranger in your town
All your white men's roads lead upward
All the Indian’s lead him down

And the dark feuds flow around me
The shadows thick as snow
But I've got to keep on singin’
For the road knows where I go

For there’s got to be somebody
Indian or not
To be singin’ on the dark road
To open up the lot

And you can fill up all your prisons
Lock and bar the doors
But for everyone you lock up
There will be a thousand more

For the red man and the black man
The yellow, white and brown
We walk this road together
And this road is freedom bound

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