And Why Did Wardell Gray Die?

Richard Marot
Lingua: Inglese

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Wardell Gray

Wardell Gray 1921 - May 25 1955. He probably died because of a racial murder. He was the first Bebop tenor saxophonist and this is the same thing to say that he was the first tenor saxophonist of modern jazz. Sadly, his death helps him to become an underrated musician. Thank you very much.
And why did Wardell Gray die?
Because there are some people
Who don’t understand the great changes,
Because the good art is misunderstood sometimes.

When a great musician full of innovation is killed,
It is very sad because I know that everyone is different
But I am talking about a very good artist
Who is one of the most original musicians
And it is very difficult to find this kind of musicians again.
And that is the reason why Wardell Gray makes me smile and weep…

I weep because of a great loss in the modern music
Which happened just because of the color of the skin...

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