Clean Monday

Will Butler
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole e musica di William Pierce "Will" Butler, polistrumentista e compositore fondatore e membro degli Arcade Fire.
Si tratta probabilmente di un brano che poi Butler ha deciso di non includere nel suo album d’esordio come solista, intitolato “Policy”

Una canzone dedicata alla Grecia e alla sua difficile situazione.

“I was reading The Guardian’s live coverage of the forthcoming Greek proposals of how they’re going to pay off their debts, when a little blurb popped up explaining that the Greek markets were closed today because it was “Clean Monday” – the Greek Orthodox equivalent of Ash Wednesday. It was an amazing/hilarious (well, maybe mildly amusing) coincidence to me that the Greek ministers were scrambling and figuring out how to avoid strict austerity on the day that Lent starts.” (Will Butler)
You know it's 9 AM
and I've been waiting for you
wondering what you might say

I've got the guards out
just in case there's trouble
but you know I know you wouldn't dare

Why don't you sit down,
and take a breath mint?
You think you're headed for the cross

But take your robe off
take out the thorns
it's just about some money lost

And if the children they keep crying
and if they stumble out into the streets
and if the old men grab their sabres
and mumble something about
how they would never retreat
you tell them

it just the winter turning into spring
but when the summer comes
you keep em waiting now
just waiting for the bell to ring

And if the streets begin to crumble
and the poor begin to wash away
and the children lose some culture
well, it has happened before
and it'll be ok, oh…

You know we're not scared
of what is coming
of what is coming from the streets

You know we're not scared
of what could happen
if you leave us standing on our feet

but if I gave you a number I'd be lying
and if I give you a dollar I'll be damned
And if I sell my firstborn son to the pharoah
do you think that we could stay
stay here in the promised land?

I'm just waiting for the bell to ring
I'm just standing here in my corner, waiting for the bell to ring
I'm just lying here on the floor, just waiting for the bell to ring
I'm just sitting here, tied up in the corner, waiting for the bell to ring

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