Marisa Ronstadt
Lingue: Inglese, Spagnolo

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Revelli (Ruggero Grava)
(Franco Giordani)
Are We a Nation?
(Sweet Honey in the Rock)
(The Last Poets)

Scritta da Jeremy Keller (chitarra) e Marisa Ronstadt (voce, che è pure cugina di Linda!)
La parte rap è di Maya Jupiter (emcee)

Con Are We a Nation? delle Sweet Honey In The Rock e Marching into the Light di Andrés Useche, ancora una canzone scritta in reazione all’introduzione in Arizona nel 2010 del cosiddetto SB (Senate Bill) 1070, una legge che inasprisce controlli e sanzioni contro l’immigrazione illegale e che ha causato anche un conflitto tra lo Stato e la Federazione.

Soon to be a mother of three in search of Lady Liberty,
Instead, she's chained to a bed, bringing life into the world.
Hauled off to the other side, leaving her babies behind,
She is...

Aching for Freedom
Yearning for Freedom
Bleeding for Freedom
Aching for Freedom

Papi goes to work and she waits for her cartoons.
Breaking news brings her to tears,
At the sight she always feared.
Daddy bein cuffed so tight; she screams to the sky,
She is...

Aching for Freedom
Burning for Freedom
In need of Freedom
Aching for Freedom

[Maya's Rap] She sees the people on the tv
Why cant that be me
I can dream too
Who knows what I could do
If I had a chance
Still im stuck with this hand
Of corruption and gangs
Poverty plagued land
I pay the price for your lifestyle
Have you ever woken up to the sound bullets goin wild?
I want the best for my child like any mother
No life is worth more than another

Porqué? Porqué es así?
Ley endemoniada
Que rompe el corazón
Somos pueblo del sol
Si guerra quieres
Guerra tendrás

Aching for Freedom
Burning for Freedom
In need of Freedom
Aching for Freedom

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