The Babies of My Lai

Norm Burns
Lingua: Inglese

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Another song-poem about My Lai, released in Boston, Massachusetts - these are song lyrics, sent to specialist publishing and recoding companies, usually in response to an advertisement, that have been set to music for a fee (around $200-400). (1) Composed by Ann Parks and Lew Tobin (he co-founded the label with Shelley Stuart, and he presumably took the writing credit for the music side). Performed by Norm Burns & The Satelites. The track, called "The Babies of My Lai" (Sterling Records # S-547), probably released in either late 1971 or early 1972 (based on the label discography), focused on the death of the children at the massacre. The narrator sarcastically said that "a little baby raised it gun" and so a soldier "raised his weapon in defense". The narrator mourned the deaths: "sleep baby sleep", and declared to "never forget what has been done". The lyrics did not mention or comment on William Calley's trial, but it leaned towards criticising his actions, and therefore it fell into the anti-Calley camp.

Justin Brummer
Sleep baby sleep, sleep baby sleep
A little baby raised its gun, a soldier was in danger
He raised his weapon in defense and emptied all the guns contents
Sleep baby sleep, eternal watch will keep
You were the babies of My Lai, you weren't supposed to die...
We'll never forgot what has been done
So sleep poor baby, sleep, sleep baby sleep"

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