Rusty Lady

Jack Bruce
Lingua: Inglese

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Rust in peace

Da Silver Rails, l'ultimo album del grande bassista inglese che ci ha lasciati quest'anno, una canzone al vetriolo che si prende gioco, post mortem, della Lady di Ferro, anzi della Rusty Lady, la signora arrugginita Margaret Thatcher.
They say she was so strong
Put us back where we belong
But she never tried to make my day
Tried to blow it all away
Now she’s agent orange in the dirty wind
Can’t wait for something to begin

They say she changed the world so well
Really rwang those wedding bells
But she went and missed my G spot
By burning all the goods we’d got
Now she’s growing grey out in the bin
Just can’t wait for something to begin

They say that she was metal hard
And handed us some real good cards
But she never trumped my ace
Though she blew CS gas in my face
Now she’s fertilising flaky tin
Can’t wait for something to begin

The way she walked just wasn’t real
Clouds of rust all swirling round her heels
When she stepped from her oxhide car
It was Winston in drag without the cigar

Rusty lady

24/12/2014 - 10:56

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