Clusterbombs (of peace and love)

Jim Casper
Lingua: Inglese

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I'm not a musician or a singer or really a song-writer, as you may see and hear. I would love to hear what other people might do with this song, or fragments of it. Cheers,

Jim Casper


They hit you high, hit you low
ain't nowhere that you can go.
The playing field is black and red
with walking wounded and fallen dead.

A dandelion puff will blow to seed
but clusterbombs will make you bleed.
There's something rotten in the air
designed to pierce and shred and tear.


Like a buckshot blast from a duck hunter's blind
better watch your face, friend, and watch your behind.
Clusterbombs like a bag of toys
designed so clever by smart little boys.

These bombs give birth to a mother fucking brood
Lots of evil bomblets to maim me and you.
Some explode when they hit the ground
others lie in wait till they are found.

The word “bomblet” sounds innocent and sweet
tell that to someone who lost both her feet.
Heads are flying like loaded dice
if one doesn't work, it'll get you twice.


Unexploded bomblets are scattered all around
waiting patiently till they are found
They outnumber the living by 2 to 1
Careful where you walk, and better not run

They’re stuck in branches of olive trees
hidden by garbage and human debris
The bombing’s over but the fear lives long
This kind of bullshit is just plain wrong


Like drunk politicians in a shotgun shack
no need for precision with a clusterbomb attack
Technology is such a wonder
falling down like rolling thunder

There's something wrong in this old world
they're killing little boys and killing little girls
The duds are dressed like food for aid
one more reason to be afraid

Afraid to walk, afraid to crawl
afraid to reach for something that looks like a ball

Gotta clear the evil from this land
But who wants a job as a clean-up man?
A desert farmer can’t till his land
maybe lose a limb, or maybe lose a hand

clusterbomb technology
it's not good for you and not good for me
it won't set you free, won't let you be
it's not the path to your democracy

what's coming down isn't friendly fire
the screaming you hear is no heavenly choir
they're killing in the name of god
but they’ll blink dumbly when you call them a fraud


I want to build a clusterbomb
of peace and love for everyone
hit you gently, everywhere you can feel
peace and love for you to feel, every day
dreamy feelings of peace and love, here to stay

Let's make a bomb that'll make you feel good
it won't make money, but who says it should?
Let's drop some seeds that will grow healthy trees
Let's drop some bombs to wipe out disease

This one fell and made a flower bed
That one fell and no one was dead
A rain forest there was quickly revived
Hungry people are starting to thrive

Clusterbombs of peace and love
Everyone would smile if they felt that shove
Dance and sing, and twinkle your eyes
Everything is fine now, what a surprise!

Good news coming down from up above
clusterbombs of peace and love

wish I could sing a lullaby so light
but anxiety fills me with terror and fright
they're killing in the name of a right to be free
with greed and lies and hypocrisy


Don’t be afraid to say what you see
You’ve got to tell the world what you believe
We’ve gottta take action when push comes to shove
Get rid of clusterbombs and give us peace and love

Peace and love
Not clusterbombs
Peace and love
Not clusterbombs

Peace and love

— J Casper, October 2006

inviata da Jim Casper - 25/10/2006 - 00:28

the lyrics are've got a vevid vision.

scott Clark - 29/10/2006 - 00:31

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