By Memory inspired

Frank Harte
Lingua: Inglese

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A tributary role-call of many of the rebel heroes who died in the rebellion, anonymous, recorded by Frank Harte, music by Donal Lunny.

Poesia anonima raccolta da Padraic Colum (1881–1972) in Anthology of Irish Verse (1922)
By Memory inspired,
And love of country fired,
The deeds of men I love to dwell upon;
And the patriotic glow
Of my spirits must bestow
A tribute to O’Connell that is gone, boys—gone:
Here’s a memory to the friends that are gone!

In October Ninety-seven—
May his soul find rest in Heaven—
William Orr to execution was led on:
The jury, drunk, agreed
That Irish was his creed;
For perjury and threats drove them on, boys—on:
Here’s the memory of John Mitchell that is gone!

In Ninety-eight—the month July—
The informer’s pay was high;
When Reynolds gave the gallows brave MacCann;
But MacCann was Reynolds’ first—
One could not allay his thirst;
So he brought up Bond and Byrne, that are gone, boys—gone:
Here’s the memory of the friends that are gone!

We saw a nation’s tears
Shed for John and Henry Shears;
Betrayed by Judas, Captain Armstrong;
We may forgive, but yet
We never can forget
The poisoning of Maguire that is gone, boys—gone:
Our high Star and true Apostle that is gone!

How did Lord Edward die?
Like a man, without a sigh;
But he left his handiwork on Major Swan!
But Sirr, with steel-clad breast,
And coward heart at best,
Left us cause to mourn Lord Edward that is gone, boys—gone:
Here’s the memory of our friends that are gone!

September, Eighteen-three,
Closed this cruel history,
When Emmet’s blood the scaffold flowed upon:
Oh, had their spirits been wise,
They might then realise
Their freedom, but we drink to Mitchell that is gone, boys—gone:
Here’s the memory of the friends that are gone!

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