Guided by Hate

Bob A. Feldman
Lingua: Inglese

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An anti-war protest folk song written shortly after U.S. Navy warship Vincennes fired a missile at an Iranian airliner on July 3, 1988 and killed nearly 300 civilian passengers.
Sixty-six children, they sat on a jet
Fifty-two women flew and relaxed
The U.S. Navy fired its guns
The passengers screamed, the airplane blew up.

Who gave the Navy the right to make war
And shoot down civilians and jet planes that roar?
Who gave the Navy the right to patrol
A gulf near Iran to protect Exxon's oil?

Their technology, it is so "advanced"
That it shoots every jet that gets in its path
It doesn't distinguish what the eye clearly sees:
A passenger plane ain't an F-14.

300 civilians slaughtered like lambs
By Pentagon butchers under Reagan's command
Lusitania they sank, a world war did expand
To kill passengers is part of their plan.

It's no accident, it's no tragedy
When they order their fleet to kill from the sea
Like Nazis, they think the world is their lake
And their missiles destroy and they're guided by hate.

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