The Fallacy

Bob A. Feldman
Lingua: Inglese

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An anti-war folk song that protests against 21st-century threats by politicians in Israel, the UK and USA to attack people in Iran.
They threaten still to wage war on Iran
They threaten to launch missiles on Tehran
They kill for oil and Uncle Sam
They slay so they can gobble up more land.

Thousands may die or lose their limbs
Young lives are lost for the old men
Will people learn to live in peace?
Or must the world go to the brink?

It's so familiar the rolling tanks
The sound of bombs making earth quake
The marching soldiers and refugees
The body bags, the weary feet.

Nuclear weapons are possessed by Tel Aviv
Nuclear weapons are possessed by Washington
Nuclear weapons are possessed by Great Britain
So they threaten other nations with a grin.

World War Three with drone missiles and bombs
Tyrants rule the Holy Land
People look on so helplessly
"Peace through war": THE FALLLACY.

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