Sanitarium Blues

Townes Van Zandt
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole e musica di Townes Van Zandt
Nel disco postumo del 1999 intitolato “A Far Cry From Dead”

A Far Cry From Dead

Una bellissima canzone, forse una delle ultime, dello schivo e malinconico Van Zandt, morto a soli 52 anni nel 1997 per effetto dei postumi non curati di una brutta caduta ma a causa di una vita trascorsa in frequenti ricoveri psichiatrici per una mai sconfitta psicosi maniaco-depressiva e nella dipendenza da farmaci, alcool e droghe...
The folks, they just can't take no more
Throw you in the back seat, slam the door
No stoppin' as down the road you go
Go not time to lose

Gigantic one way gate ahead
You're thinkin' man I'd as soon be dead
They decided to give you life instead
The sanitarium blues

Big ole nurse all dressed in white
Slaps you on a table in the middle of the night
Then he straps you down real tight
You're wonderin', what'd I do?

They hose you down, make sure you're clean
Wrap you up in hospital green
Shoot you full of Thorazine
The sanitarium blues

Could be TB or maybe a tumor
Eavesdropping on the doctors, listening to the rumors
Can't see your friends, hear the hum of the wheels
Hey my man, you know how it feels
Like the sanitarium blues

They upon some sunlit day
They figure there's no need for you to stay
They're pretty sure you can't be cyred
So they send you on your merry way

You hit the pavement, hang around
Nobody's on the outside to be found
You're just tryin' to stay above the ground
You start to thinkin', what's the use?
The sanitarium blues

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