Don't Want No Gun

The Fartz
Lingua: Inglese

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Album "World Full of Hate"
album lyrics
Bloody bodies, children die
More soldiers, bullets fly
Have a stand off in the street
Innocent victims at your feet

All these things will be done
Through the R.C.P.'s revolution
If sacrifice is in the plan
I'm not gonna lend a hand
Killings never solved a thing
Grief and hardship'ls all it brings
Your revolution's never won
If you're still living by the gun

Critizice the system's game
Your battle plan is just the same
Gonna kill to reach your goal
But stop and think of the body total
Once you achieve total power
I'll be your finest hour
Then we're back to bureaucracy
Got no plans for democracy

3/9/2006 - 14:43

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