The Other White Meat

Immortal Technique
Lingua: Inglese

The profile of a wanted man
Persecuted everywhere by the Blue Klux Clan
Cops don’t stop in searches cause they think we a threat
They making money for the prison industrial complex,
Extorting hookers for sex and then arresting them
And murdering people of color instead of protecting them
You killed Patrick Dorismond and then disrespected them
Now most cops will disagree with the shit that I spit
But I got 41 reasons to tell you to suck a dick,
You mobile facsimile living fecal matter
Your a walking piece of shit, you deserve to be splattered
Faggits with nightsticks giving brothers an enema,
Cause their racist like classical Hollywood cinema
Systematically chasing our people and abusing em’
Like Romans genocideing Jews in New Jerusalem
Guns don’t look like wallets, how the fuck we confusing em’?
We losing them, everyday, and its getting me pissed
They barely admit, that racial profiling exists
But politicians still condemn it, sounding hypocritical
Innocent victims, getting statistically typical
I resist arrest; I don’t wanna be taken alive
I’d rather die standing than live kneeling, broken inside
A cop stopped me once; I cocked a loaded gun in my grill
And that’s the reason that I have no fear of being killed

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