Bang! Bang!

Le Tigre
Lingua: Inglese

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Le Tigre

Per la vita, la storia e la morte di Amadou Diallo si veda la seguente pagina:
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Amadou Diallo Foundation

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Murder is murder
Why're they confused?
Another man dead
I read it in the news
Who gave them the fucking right
To run around like they own the night?

Oh bang! bang!
Oh oh bang! bang!
Oh oh bang! bang!
Oh oh bang! bang!

Wrong fucking time
Wrong fucking place
There is no fucking way
this is not about race
Who's gonna call 9-1-1
When they can't tell a wallet
from a mother fucking gun?


Bang bang daddy I want you dead
Bang bang daddy get out of my head
Bang bang daddy I want you dead
Bring me Giuliani's head


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