Michael Borkson
Lingua: Inglese

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1968 was a year I remember, revolution spilling to the streets,
1968, in the streets of Chicago, as the crooked politicians took
their seats,
and the revolution did ring, as the children did sing,
about love, about peace.

In 1968, the war it was raging, it made President Johnson resign,
Nixon took over, he escalated the bombing, America no longer
yours and mine,
and the draft cards did burn, as the children did learn,
about love, about peace.

In 1968, King and Robert Kennedy were killed, by the government's conspiracy,
tragedy for the nation, hope had died, that someday we'd all be free,
and the ghettos did set aflame,and Buddhist monks did the same,
in the shadows of love, in the shadows of peace.

So here's to Abbie Hoffman, Bobby Seale, and the rest,
revolutionaries in Chicago's streets,
defying Hubert Humphrey, Mayor Daley, and the cops,
many a protestor they did beat,
lest we never forget, that it's not over yet,
for love, for peace,
yeah, i'm singing about love, i'm singing about peace,
it was 1968, it was 1968....

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