God Bless the USA

David Rovics
Lingua: Inglese

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Into A Prism
God bless all the Indians living in their reservations
God bless all the strippers and their bodily gyrations
God bless Trump Towers reaching up so high
God bless the Blue Angels screaming through the sky
God bless Appalachia, mountains and moonshine
God bless the creeks, bulldozers and strip mines
God bless the megachurches and all of those who speak in tongues
God bless the corporate ladder, every single rung
God bless the homeless families living under bridges
God bless the golden valleys and the mountain ridges
God bless the beaches and the swamps and the alligators
God bless the NFL and the Oakland Raiders
God bless the USA
God bless the conspiracy theorists and the Jewish bankers
God bless ExxonMobil and all their oil tankers
God bless Clearchannel, Toby Keith and Taylor Swift
God bless anorexia, lyposuction and facelifts
God bless the mighty rivers and the nuclear reactors
God bless Fox, Rupert Murdoch and X Factor
God bless all the lobbyists and their envelopes of cash
God bless Miley Cyrus and her birthday bash
God bless the President and his very moving speeches
God bless Idaho's potatoes and Georgia's peaches
God bless Florida oranges and Wisconsin cheese
God bless the internment camps and penitentiaries
God bless Wyoming's rolling fields of hay
God bless high school massacres and the NRA
God bless each member of the Congress and all the oil billionaires
God bless sodium thiopental and electric chairs
God bless the open highways and the traffic jams
God bless the Patriot Missiles and inboxes full of spam
God bless the redwood forests and the paper mills
God bless the plastic Jesuses sitting on the window sills
God bless carpet bombing and men in uniform
God bless the firefighters, the cops and Desert Storm
God bless the immigrants and the I-C-E
God bless the offshore oil rigs from sea to shining sea

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