The Mekons
Lingua: Inglese

Album: The Curse of the Mekons
Here comes McDrug

the English love for China tea
brought deficit to the economy
what could we sell back?
send in the army to deal some smack

drugs and guns and slavery
live together in perfect harmony
where the poppy grew
the soil is blood

the East India Company scum
flooding China with opium
the soil all washed away
flooding Bangladesh today

here comes McDrug

drugs have long been the currency
of the Central Intelligence Agency
U.S.A. and E.E.C.
a long dull story of corruption
now a clown steps over the Berlin Wall
with a burning cross and pills to go
his perestroika dependency will
sit in your gut like a golf ball

noiseless rocks as clear as ice
nursed at home with loving pride
crystal goblets of sherbet
heaped up, flaked up, rosewater snow
needles washed up from the sea
on a beach in Californ-i-ay
help me get me through the day
here comes McDrug

the duffer rests in a fenland graveyard
on his way to Alderman Roberts
he's got the tinctures in his bag
to take away our daily hurts

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