Club Foot

Lingua: Inglese

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Ryszard płonie
(Joan Baez)

Testo e musica: Kasabian
Prima traccia dell'album "Kasabian"
La canzone fu dedicata alla memoria di Jan Palach

Testo dal sito ufficiale
One take control of me you're messing with the enemy said it's
Two it's anther trick you're messing with my mind I wake up
Chased down an empty street blinded smacked the broken beat
Said it's gone with the dirty trick its taking all these days to find you

I tell you I want you
I tell you I need you

Thrills take control of me stalking cross the gallery
All the pills got to operate the coloured grids and all invaders
There it goes again take me to the edge again all I got is a dirty trick
Im chasing down the wolves to save you

I tell you I want you
I tell you I need you
I the blood on my face
I just wanted you near me

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