Libyan Students From Hell!

Attila the Stockbroker
Lingua: Inglese

Just look at us - we’re the scourge of the land
We’re Colonel Gadaffi’s favourite band
We all eat babies and we’re commies too
And we’ve all got AIDS and we’ll give it to you
With scaly tails and horns and hooves
We undermine everything that moves
You can read about us in the daily press:
we’re worse than the Russians in the DHSS
So don’t mess with us, cos we’re foreign and we smell -
We’re the Libyan Students from Hell!

If your telly goes wrong or your car won’t start
you can bet your life that we played our part
If your team doesn’t win or you miss the bus
then ten to one it was down to us
If a dog runs off with your copy of the Sun
and brings it back with the crossword done
If someone smacks you in the head
or you find a terrapin in your bed
we did it - and everything else as well
Cos we’re Libyan Students from Hell!

There’s nothing very prudent about a Libyan student
Can’t you tell?
There’s nothing very prudent about a Libyan student
from Hell!

We imported Neighbours to these shores
We personally started both World Wars
We broke your Gran’s Coronation mugs
We sold Ben Johnson all his drugs
We caused the Plague and the Great Fire too
and we brought The Price Is Right’ to you
We pushed Robert Maxwell over the side
We took Marc Bolan for his last ride
So don't mess with us - we're foreign and we smell
We're the Libyan Students from Hell...

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