The War Song

Bruce Springsteen
Lingua: Inglese

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THE WAR SONG is a song written by Bruce Springsteen on or before 26 Apr 1968.
Barren land into me
Hungry faces in my dreams
Got a rifle slung over his brown shoulder
Only fifteen and a veteran soldier

Blood thirty crys pierce the night
Killing children is it right
And is it for freedom that they fight
Or the will to live and the fear to die

Body's sweatin' out all the inborn hate
Live for that moment in the shade
Or to get out of the tarred sun
Bodies I know droppin' one by one

Thousands come one and all
Hear the sound of the battle call
The big men say boys you all have to go
Ask any question and you face the wall

Listen now what I tell you boy
There's got to be some changes
And they have to be made now
Hear the sound of the battle call
Soon you won't hear no sound at all

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