Square Dance

Lingua: Inglese

Get ready!
It feels so good to be back!
Ladies and gentleman
Introducing the new
and improved, you know who

[Verse 1]
Never been the type
to bend or budge,
the wrong button to push,
no friend of Bush
I'm the centerpiece,
you're a Maltese.
I'm a pitbull off his leash,
all this peace talk can cease
All these people I had
to leave in limbo,
I'm back now,
I've come
to release this info
I'll be brief and let me
just keep shit simple,
Can-a-bitch (2) don't want
no beef with Slim? Noooo!
Not even on my radar,
so won't you please
jump off my dick,
lay off and stay off
and follow me as I put these
crayons to chaos
from séance to séance,

[Chorus x2]
C'mon now, let's all get on down,
let's do-si-do now,
we gon' have a good ol' time
Don't be scared,
cus there ain't nothin'
to worry 'bout,
let your hair down,
and square dance with me!

[Verse 2]
Let your hair down to the track,
yeah kick on back. Boo!
The boogie monster of rap,
yeah the man's back
with a plan to ambush
this Bush administration,
mush the
Senate's face in,
push this generation
of kids to stand and fight
for the right to say something
you might not like,
this white hot light
that I'm under, no wonder
I look so sunburnt,
oh no I won't leave no stone unturned
Oh no I won't leave,
won't go nowhere,
do-si-do, oh, yo, ho, hello there
oh yeah don't think I won't go there,
go to Beirut and do a show there
yah you laugh till your
muthafuckin' ass gets drafted,
while you're at band camp
thinkin' the crap
can't happen
till you fuck around,
get an anthrax napkin,
inside a package wrapped in
saran wrap wrapping
open the plastic and then
you stand back gasping,
fuckin' assassins hijackin'
Amtracks crashin
all this terror
America demands action,
next thing you know you've got
Uncle Sam's ass askin'
to join the army or what you'll do
for their Navy.
You just a baby,
gettin' recruited at eighteen
You're on a plane now,
eatin' their food
and their baked beans.
I'm twenty-eight,
they're gonna take you
'fore they take me
Crazy insane or insane crazy?
When I say Hussein,
you say Shady
My views ain't changed,
still inhumane, wait, arraigned
two days late, the date's today,
hang me!

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
Nothin' moves me more
than a groove that soothes me,
nothin' soothes me more
than a groove that boosts me
nothin' boosts me more,
or suits me beautifully,
there's nothin' you can do to me,
stab me shoot me
psychotic, hypnotic product
I got it the antibiotic,
ain't nobody hotter and so on
and yada yada,
god I talk a lotta
hem de lay la la la,
oochie walla um da dah da
dah da but you gotta
gotta keep movin',
there's more music to make,
keep makin' new shit,
produce hits to break
the monotony,
what's gotten into me?
Drugs, rock, and Hennessey (3),
thug like I'm 'Pac
on my enemies
on your knees,
got you under siege,
somebody you would
give a lung to be
like a fuckin' younger me,
fuck the fee,
I can get you jumped for free
yah buddy, laugh it's funny,
I have the money to have you killed
by somebody who has nothing
I'm past bluffing, pass the K-Y,
let's get ready for some intense,
serious ass fucking!

[Chorus x2]

Dr Dre wants
to square dance with me
Nasty Nas wants
to square dance with me
X to the Z (4) wants
to square dance with me
Busta Rhymes wants
to square dance with me
Cannabitch won't
square dance with me
Cannabitch won't
square dance with me
Canibus (2) dont
want no parts o' me
Dirty Dozen wants
to square dance with me

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