Kieran's Song

Gerry O'Glacain
Lingua: Inglese

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Scritta per Kieran Doherty, una delle vittime dello sciopero della fame di Maze nel 1981. Il testo è ripreso da questa pagina tedesca.

He was born in Belfast in Andersonstown
Brought on without fear or respect for the crown
His heroes were rebels, they were living in pain
And sonn he was part of the Belfast Brigade

God keep you Kieran we pray every night
And bless for the young men who keep on your fight
When England is vanished united we´ll be
Your name we remember when Ireland is free

The priest gave elections for people´s just choice
But the cold- hearted persons would not leap their voice
Those luckies in Dublin they are forever shamed
By letting to kill you they too shared the pain


The Hunger Strike is over, but the struggle goes on
To join Ireland´s martyrs ten brave men have gone
Don´t be disheartened, don´t weep for the lost
They do not give up or accept England´s laws.

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