God Bless America

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Lyrics and Music by Chris Challans (Whitey Anderson)

Gangsta Shootouts Blood Sweat  Mammoth Tears

Please take the time to listen to it and read the lyrics, it would be greatly appreciated. Although the quality isn't very good. I had to downsize the quality in order to get it all to fit on soundclick due to its massive length.

Also, to all those people who run around saying "God bless America! We must never forget 9/11". You need to open your fucking eyes and stop thinking the whole world revolves around you. There are billions more people than us in the world who are far worse off than we are. And a good bulk of the reason for that is because of us. We have been committing crimes against humanity decades before 9/11, never taking a second look. Then when someone slaps us in the face and tells us to stop it, you act like it's the greatest outrage in the world. At this, you feel the need to start policing everyone so you can be the only bully on the block. It's time to stop being so arrogant and ignorant to the world around you. Only after you have opened your eyes to the very government that has corrupted this country, and said "you know what, I'm not going to let you do this," can we really start to make this world a better place. Thank you for your time.

Not only has God blessed America, he has obviously condemned the rest of the world to a majority of poverty, death and disease. If you're saying "no he hasn't, that's absurd!," it's either that or he's just letting all that go on while we continue to be the enormous, corrupted super-power that we have come to be, while everyone else suffers.

I would like to end this by saying:

God bless all of those countries who have experienced a tremendous amount of needless innocent deaths as a result of U.S. involvement. These countries include Japan, the Philippines, Germany, Chile, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Panama, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Laos, Cambodia..
Wake the fuck up, God bless murderers
Wake the fuck up, God bless terrorists
Wake the fuck up, God bless illegal cover-ups
Wake the fuck up, God bless deceitful government
Wake the fuck up – Wake the fuck up
The statement's risky but y'all say it with me
The government do and the soldiers help
God Bless America and no place else!

[Verse 1]
Don't question it, bitch, America's Right
We go through bombin' cities, don't even bury the lives
We took, ya livelyhood is tired and shook
'Cause I'm a crook, go by the book? Never
Ya mind's mistaken, we don't hide or fake it
Bush fightin' for peace, but threatened United Nations..
The higher placement, law of the land
We saw in advance, the tyranny, here it is
Soon here to be near the end of a so-called Democracy
Stop the violence, but don't stop hypocrisy
I'm talkin' to the biggest human-rights violators on the planet
Try and fake somethin' to damage the economy
Dictatorship monopoly
What kind of country is this? The government lies to me
I don't like deceit, the greatest Nation in the world
Is hidin' shit from the public like a scared little girl
Take the hatred you deserve
You still so diligent to kill their innocent
And showed zero remorse when you did the shit?
Un-American ideas? The Patriot Act
You took away my liberty, I'm taking it back
You say "Fuck the French, they disagree with us
Stabbed us in the back and deceived the trust"
You gotta be blood-thirsty to try to eat with us..

Wake the fuck up, God bless murderers
Wake the fuck up, God bless terrorists
Wake the fuck up, God bless illegal cover-ups
Wake the fuck up, God bless deceitful government
Wake the fuck up – Wake the fuck up...
The statement's risky but y'all say it with me
The government do and the soldiers help
God Bless America and no place else!

[Verse 2]
What kind of America'd have the Constitution useless?
You don't hear me speak so I stop to use the music
It's drop-dead sick, abusive, how politicians use shit
For their self-advantage, how you help the challenged
If all you do is wreck and damage another country?
U.S. number-one interest is a love for money
Billions of dollars on death, while children suffer, hungry
The towers were not fucking struck for nothing
I won't rest, you motherfuckers must see
The shit we do makes us a disgusting country..
It's ugly, trust me, once it's studied
You'll realize, we are not the heroes
Bush keeps you in the dark, but there's lots that he knows
Y'all plot illegal, erasin' the spectrum
I'm tryin' to go back in the day, it was best then
Before the government turned you to Conservative yes-men

[Ras Kass - "Amerikkka Me":]
George Bush dodged the draft in Vietnam
Now the same nigga wanna declare war on Saddam?
Iraq can't have a nuclear bomb?
MOAB radius destroyed 1,000 yards
That's 10 football fields in every direction
How many people gon' die 'cause the President's arrogant?

[Michael Jackson - "Earth Song":]
Did you ever stop to notice
All the children dead from war?
Did you ever stop to notice
The crying Earth, it's weeping shores?
Aaaaaaaah Ooooooooh…

[Talib Kweli - "The Proud":]
The President is Bush, the Vice President's a Dick
So a whole lot of fucking is what we gon' get
They don't wanna raise the baby so the election is fixed..

[Michael Jackson - "Privacy":]
Ah, 'cause your cameras can't control
The minds of those who know

[Ras Kass - "Amerikkka Me":]
Raw skill? Trust me, it's all real
Make four mill before Bush get us all killed
Saddam got oil, America want it
But when you kill innocent folk, I can't condone it..
And I ain't talkin' 'bout 9/11
I'm talkin' 'bout bombs dropped on Iraq since '97

[Verse 3]
Actually, Ras, try '92
Though you hit it on-point, besides the fluke
Check history, these rhymes are true
I ain't gon' sit back while they scheme right on through
So go ahead, start to stand up, give me Ann Coulter books
But bitch I won't be fed propaganda
Stand up, read the fuck up, think for yourself
Our government is wrong and it's easy to kill
But a lot harder to fix, some cats so hard-headed
You'd think their brain was just another part of a brick
Look at a map, George Bush does not see countries
He just sees another target to hit
You wanna talk about bombs? We largely equipped
Only country to use a nuclear bomb, that was U.S.
Bush don't answer to the Congress and U.N.
And you can't fight terror, stop being stupid..

[Immortal Technique - "Revolutionary":]
And fuck the President, I voted for assassination…

[Michael Jackson - "Tabloid Junkie":]
Then why do we keep fooling ourselves?
Baby, just because you read it in a magazine
Or see it on the TV screen don't make it factual
Though everybody wants to read all about it
Just because you read it in a magazine
Or see it on the TV screen don't make it factual
See, but everybody wants to read all about it
Just because you read it in a magazine
Or see it on the TV screen don't make it factual
Just because you read it in a magazine
Or see it on the TV screen don't make it factual
You better believe it, yeah yeah
Just because you read it in a magazine
Or see it on the TV screen don't make it factual, actual
You're so damn disrespectable...

[Immortal Technique - "In Da Club (Freestyle)":]
Guantanamo Bay, federal incarceration
How could this be the land of the free, home of the brave?
Indigenous Holocaust, and the home of the slaves
Corporate America, dancing off-beat to the rhythm
They really think the country never sponsored terrorism
Human-rights violations, we continue the saga
El Salvador and the contras of Nicaragua
And on top of that they still wanna take me to prison
Just 'cause I won't trade humanity for patriotism..

[Verse 4]
They're shootin'!
At innocent women and children
Who pose no physical threat to them
They're shootin'! Manipulate the people in no time
You a slave to the game with a closed mind
Use America's youth as a gold mine
That you push your ideas onto
Me, I've gone through the people's wrong views
And sorted 'em out, fiction and lies
People so mislead from what this war is about
God Bless America, you either for it or out
And that's the mentality, people quick
To praise what we doin', and pass the reality
Let me break it down like a fracture of gravity
9/11 was sad, but it's a fraction of tragedy
That we been unleashin' upon the world for years
We did 'em all that wrong, so they served us here..

[Michael Jackson - "They Don't Care About Us":]
Now tell me what has become of my rights
Am I invisible 'cause you ignore me
Your proclamation promised me free liberty, now

I'm tired of being a victim of shame
You're throwing me in a class with a bad name
I can't believe this is the land from which I came..

You know, I really do hate to say it
The government don't wanna see
But if Roosevelt was livin'
He wouldn't let this be, no, no..

[Verse 5]
The government thrives off deceivin' the people
Stop crammin' down the bullshit the media feeds you
You're the reason they think they're not easily seen through
Deceitful and evil, I'm not speakin' for beef
And don't tell me I hate my country
I'm tryin' to think of a way we can make it something
That's better than it is, so many know we're wrong
Even a lot of the war veterans who lived
They poundin' propaganda that's embedded in ya kids
You should never let it slip, there's so many who are dead
You can't fight fire with fire, especially
When it was you who sat and ignited the tire
The world is against us, get ready for a turn of events 'cause
We influincin' the world with our dominance to cop it all
In a war you terrorize, bombs locked and dropped on them
Making a war on terror logically impossible..

[ILLigitt (Spoken):]
You know, when it gets right down to it, war is nothing but
legalized mass murder. I don't know at what point in people's lives
they decide that killing is acceptable, but it makes me sick to my
stomach. If someone kills someone else, that's on them. They are bad
people, but that does not make it alright for you to go and kill them.
What good are you doing by taking someone's life? And don't feed me
that bullshit: "we have to kill people in order to save people",
because that is the worst lack of logic that I have ever heard. The
propaganda that's infesting our media does nothing but cause
ignorance among good-hearted American people with good intentions.
And when people are fed lie after lie, it becomes difficult to decide
what's real and what's not. Our government has lied to us before, they
lie to us now, and they will continue to lie to us in the future. The
only way to really prevent that from happening is to stop believing
everything you hear on TV and read in the newspaper, and look into
shit for yourself. Read books. Don't just rely on the nightly news to
give you the one-sided information that they claim is fair and balanced.
If we want to truly be the good guys and the heroes that we make
ourselves out to be, it starts with stopping the lies. Stop lying to me,
and stop leaving important information out just because it would make
you look bad. If you really care about the good of this country and the
good of the world, you would accept the consequences of your judgments
and really try to better yourself, no matter how bad of a mistake you
made. By hiding it, you only add on to the problem, causing things to
get even more complicated which eventually forces you to lie just in
order to cover up your other lies.
Saddam Hussein is a terrible person in my opinion. His rule does
need to come to an end. But the bulk of the oppression has not
happened in the last 5 years or even the last 10 years. It happened
in the 1980s, when we were supplying Saddam with weapons and considered
him an ally. That was when he was doing the most killing of his own
people, and the gassing and being the most vicious. We had the
opportunity and the influence to try to persuade him to stop what he
was doing. But the fact is, we didn't care. Iraq was our ally, and that's all that mattered.
Basically what I'm getting at is: I love this country. And no matter what people tell you, I don't hate America; I'm not here to bring down the government, and I am damn sure not getting out. The idea of this country was to be free from oppressive "leaders", to be able to question the government when we feel they're doing something wrong.
Not to be criticized by people and told we're unpatriotic just because
we have a better understanding of what's going on than they do. It
really shows that the people who have a better understanding of what
we're doing over there, and what happens in wartime, and who actually
look into things to find the facts, instead of just believing everything
the corrupt government tells us. Those are the people who are against
the war, and that needs to be recognized..
The way I see it, instead of making war and causing needless
violence all over the world: it's time to start actually helping people.
There are at least one billion people in the world who don't have fresh water.
Instead of bombing their cities, how about we give them all a glass of water, food, and shelter. Build them hospitals so they can experience their right to live. How would the world look at us then? And don't even try to tell me that they hate us because of our freedom.
There are countries with more freedom than we have, and they
also have free health care. They don't have to put their entire life
savings in the government's pockets just so they can live another day.
There's a reason most of the world hates us so much. And it's not
because of our freedom...

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