Tell God and the Devil

Lingua: Inglese

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Shamrock City
Solas - Shamrock City

In 1910, Solas band leader Seamus Egan's great-great uncle Michael Conway left his home in Co. Mayo, Ireland and boarded a ship for America. He was headed to the copper mines and boxing rings of Butte, Montana, aka Shamrock City (named so for the influx of Irish immigrants). Six years later, at the age of 25 and in a cloud of mystery, Michael was dead at the hands of local police.

Shamrock City as seen through the eyes of Michael, tells the story of the thousands of young men and women who left behind their homes and families for "the Richest Hill on Earth". It reveals their spirit, tenacity and humor, but also the hardships they faced: discrimination, corruption within the mining companies, an unknown and unforgiving land, a system that valued the few over the many. One hundred years later, it's their story, but the struggles of the working class and immigrants are the same. Shamrock City is for those then and now that believe in a better life, and are willing to risk it all for a chance at something more.
Seven years a miner, a mine for seven more
No better man on earth now to loose a moutain floor
Do load us in the chippy the trucks down every day
No braver man on earth boys no matter what they say

So tell god and the devil they can try
But today is not gona be the day we die

Don't want to see those hummet man to come to carry you
The grone is so cold and hard above they won't even bury you
So top top topper lightning slightly as it goes
You better take some cover now and hide before she blows

get those bricks and shovels of your backs
get the rocks into the box and down the tracks

Theres mokkers and theres skinners and nippers on the jill
They work all day and night boys as only miners will
Will chase rebellious copper the walls you pick and hack
Don't worry if your digging scared, us miners get you back

So tell God and the Devil they can try
But today is not gonna be the day we die

The Gods don't verture down here, the Devil lost your name
Your life hangs in the balance on this fragile human chain
And when your spirrits whirling the fear is yours to tame
When you feel the darkness closing turn up your carbit flame

And tell God and the Devil they can try
But today is not gonna be the day we die
So tell God and the Devil they can try
But today is not gonna be the day we die

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