Cease Firing

Carlovian Sunset
Lingua: Inglese

We got brother against brother
We got sister against sister
We got a child with no mother
We got bombs raining down mister

We got buildings in rubble
We got religion in trouble
We got a lifetime of hate
Served up on a plate

We got history behind us
We got the future ahead of us
We got to pause for a while
We got to turn back the tide

Cease Firing Cease firing Cease firing

With a hot sun and a small breeze
And the silver birds humming on high
The smoke clouds linger above the trees
People find it hard to stay alive

The bridges are down and the houses ruined
The roads aren’t safe anymore
Bombs falling to the beat of a drum
It seems like we had this all before

Cease Firing Cease firing Cease firing

It’s crazy that for some to survive
Some must live and some must die
So many lives are sacrificed
And we never stop to wonder why

Want to wipe them off the face of the earth
Want to turn their towns into dirt
Want to push them back into the sea
Want to bring the world to its knees

Cease Firing Cease firing Cease firing

If we only had a statesman
Someone to talk to both sides
Blessed are the peacemakers
With God on their side

‘Cause in the end we all got to talk
Or else we’re all going to walk
Down into the valley of darkness
With the light fading fast behind us

Cease Firing Cease firing Cease firing

inviata da Patrick Cuddy - 17/8/2006 - 17:16

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